to the City of Le Locle

It is with a deep feeling of gratitude that the Luxor Factory association, founder and curator of the exomusée, thanks the authorities of the City of Le Locle for their unwavering support from the start.

Aux Conseillers communaux: Cédric DuprazMiguel PerezDenis de la ReussilleClaude DuboisSarah Favre-BulleJean-Paul WettsteinMarcelo Droguett – À la voirie: Roger BaumgartnerJean-Luc PerrenoudDimitri Fontana – Au service de l’urbanisme: Viviane MassetMyriam Wittwer –  Ian ForrerStefano Fantini

to the Canton and the Confederation

The exomusée benefits from the invaluable support of the Confederation and the Canton of Neuchâtel, within the framework of the New regional policy (NPR) and strategic positioning agreements (APS). An agreement signed by the various parties in December 2020 defines objectives until December 2023. A big thank you to the cantonal and federal authorities!

Jean-Nathanaël Karakash, Conseiller d’État – Sophie Haerri Affolter, Cheffe de projets – Communication (au Département de l’économie, de la sécurité et de la culture) – Marie-Thérèse Bonadonna, Cheffe du service de la culture (au Département de la justice, de la sécurité et de la culture)

to our sponsors
to the owners

Nöel Balanche – Nicolas Schumacher – Janick Nardin – Cosmo Re – David Cuennet – Stefan and Marcel Kuhn – Martine and Pierre Donzé – Eliane et Florence Freyburger – Luigi Auteri – Famille frenkel – Suzanne Kaussler – SFP RETAIL AG – GEORGE-FAVRE AG – Ville du Locle – Viteos

to the artists

Ardif – BustArt – Codex Urbanus – James Colomina – Levalet – Lunar – Mona Caron – Monkeybird – M.CHAT – M-City – Nasty – NesPoon – Nevercrew – Onur – Shok-1 – Toctoc – OakOak

to the friends of the exomusée

Jean-Marie Rotzer – Élise Gogniat – Cyprien Baba – Pierre Ménétrey – Régula Schiess – Isabelle and Antoine Zuend – Lionel Schenk – Manuel Schär – Raùl Pages – Evelyne Progin – Chantal Oes – Christian Galley – David Marchon – Lucas Vuitel – Michel-André Rieser – Mario Calogiuri [Keim Farben AG]

to Locloises and loclois
A big thank you for the enthusiasm you show in discovering each new work, as well as for the kindness you show towards the artists. Your encouragement and little attentions contribute to the fact that our guests are eager to return to our beautiful region.

Your precious donations allow the exomusée to exist ... and to grow!

Association Luxor Factory – 2400 Le Locle – CCP  1249 3726 9 – IBAN CH40 0900 0000 1249 3726 9