"Intramural Escape"

open-air museum dedicated to urban art

urban art

in Le Locle

All sidewalks lead to art

The soul of the Neuchâtel Mountains inscribed on the walls

Each year, the exomusée is enriched with creations by international figures of the street art scene. Monumental frescoes or graffiti to discover at the corner of a street, these works echo the questions of our time and shed new light on the history and the peculiarities of a city of character, distinguished by UNESCO for its watchmaking architecture. Thanks to the talent of artists who sometimes work at dizzying heights, the public space of Locle turns into an open-air museum over time.

Synonymous with creativity, freedom, generosity, sharing and courage, the street art movement is often militant, nomadic, sometimes rooted but always curious to confront the unknown and otherness. The exomusée’s collection reflects the exotic outlook street artists have on the region.

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Exo = open air

Free 24/7

Without having to pay a dime, stroll through an open-air museum and discover the creations of internationally renowned street artists. Located in the public space, the exomusée can be visited every day of the year, at any time you like.

for all public

Illustrating the specificities of the Neuchâtel Mountains, the works offer several levels of reading and are appreciated as much by art lovers as by neophytes.


To guide you, free documentation is available at the tourist office of the Town Hall. Self-service electric bicycle rental: www.lelocleroule.ch.


Are you looking for a vacation spot in the Pays de Neuchâtel? As for accommodation, the offer is varied. Click on the icon to access the Neuchâtel Tourisme website.

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The exomusée invites you to go out into the open air to satisfy your appetite for culture during a unique urban stroll.

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Each year, during the summer season, the route of the exomusée is enriched  with new monumental frescoes, created by stars and rising stars of street art.

Coming from Switzerland, Holland and France, these creators highlight the particularities of Le Locle, a unique city in many ways.

Good discovery, good trip!


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Wes 21

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The "Smile"

at the end
of the tunnel?

Drü Egg

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to Marie-Anne-

Telmo Miel

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to the roots


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The exomusée is growing in Le Locle



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1 – In the map, click on a marker to bring up a tooltip.
2 – Click on a tooltip to open the artist page.

1. Move on the map:
> with a mouse: left click, keep the button pressed, position the map, release the mouse button.
> on a touch screen: usual functions.
2. Enlarge or reduce the size of the map:
- with a mouse: by clicking on the "+" and "-" buttons.
- on a touch screen: with the usual functions or by clicking on the "+" and "-" buttons.
3. To find the location of a work, click on a marker.
4. Each marker contains a miniature photo (tooltip). A click on this tooltip gives access to the portrait of the artist and the description of his work.

Printed plan available at the tourism office, City Hall, Ground floor. Address: Avenue de l’Hôtel-de-Ville 1.


To print the map, please click on the printer icon.

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Your precious donations allow the exomusée to exist ... and to grow!

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